From Flutter to Flight 4: Functions and Refactorings

Actual photo of the contents of my software toolbox. [ Zhukovvvlad/]
Are you missing the 'new’ keyword in the chooseList function? Dart 2 is awesome.
I am sure it is not optimized (for example, I could just pass the list object right to _rootBuilder…), but points for effort?
Great news everyone, mainframe interfaces are in again!
I need one of these, but all blue. [by George Dinwiddie:]
  • Load a book file into memory from the disk.
  • Change the theme between red and green (someday I will talk more about this and why I am not sure I am doing it right).
  • Persist a book to the disk when a change is made.
  • Several of the pages need to be able to handle onMove callbacks when the user changes the order of items in a list.




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Tom Larsen

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